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Country Heritage Park Fair
June 14 - 16, 2024

'23 0610 RAMRodeo Milton Heritage Pk 008

About the Fair

🌾 Welcome to Country Heritage Park's Annual Summer Fair!

Get ready for a rip-roaring good time at Country Heritage Park's annual summer fair, happening June 14, 15 and 16, 2024. We're thrilled to announce that this year's shindig is featuring the Ram Rodeo Tour –  for the second year in a row! 🤠


At Country Heritage Park, we're not just hosting a fair – we're building bridges between urban and rural communities, showcasing the rich farming heritage of our province and country, and sparking a passion for sustainable farming. Join us for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary fair, where tradition meets education and community bonds are strengthened.


🚜 Connecting Urban and Rural Communities: Our fair is a celebration of unity, where city dwellers and country folk come together in the spirit of camaraderie. It's a chance for urbanites to experience the charm of rural life and for our rural neighbors to share their traditions with the wider community.


🌱 Showcasing Farming Heritage: We take pride in being custodians of Ontario's farming legacy. Wander through our historic buildings, explore the roots of our agricultural past, and witness the evolution of farming practices that have shaped our province and country.


🌿 Educating for Sustainability: More than just a spectacle, our fair is an educational hub. We believe in the power of knowledge to drive change. Families and individuals can discover the benefits of sustainable farming, learn about eco-friendly practices, and gain insights into how small changes can make a big impact on our environment.


👨‍🌾 Interactive Exhibits: Engage with hands-on exhibits that bring the farming experience to life. From seed planting to animal care, it's a journey into the heart of sustainable agriculture.


🎪 Community Showcase: Witness the talents and offerings of our vibrant community. From local artisans to culinary delights, it's a showcase of the best our region has to offer.


🚚 Truck and Tractor Pull: Feel the earth shake as the power of tradition collides with the roar of modern machinery. Our truck and tractor pull is a thrilling homage to our agricultural roots.


🤠  Ram Rodeo Tour: Saddle up for an unforgettable rodeo experience! The Ram Rodeo Tour brings the excitement and spectacle of a traditional rodeo to our fairgrounds.


🌻 Experience the Fair Like Never Before. See You There!


Contact Us

Country Heritage Park

8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X3

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