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Country Heritage Agricultural Society is governed by a Board of 12 elected Directors.

It is a policy-setting board which directs and supports the operations and success of Country Heritage Park.

This form complies with the Board’s Nomination and Election Policy and its Membership Policy.

The Committee will accept nominations until March 1st of each year for the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Directors - 1 Year Term (2023)

Liz Lambrick


Janet Horner


David Imrie

Voting Member

Directors - 2 Year Term (2024)

Russ Kidd

Voting Member

Maurice Rutherford

Voting Member

Jacqueline Dwyer

Voting Member

Directors - 3 Year Term (2025)

Beverley D. Hughes

Voting Member

Frank Tousaw  

Ex- Officio

Bruce Christie

Voting Member

Directors - 4 Year Term (2026)

Brian Little

Voting Member

Anna DeMarchi-Meyers

Voting Member

Dwight Greer

Voting Member

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