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Field Trips (K-7)

Information for our new programmes will be posted as soon as it is available. Please direct your calls to the education department at 905-878-8151 for more information. 

Below are details for our still active programmes:

Kindergarten - Leave the Barn Door Open 

Curriculum Links: Health and Physical Activity & Personal and Social Development

A trip to the farm is the perfect trip to see and explore all that the farm has.

Come and discover all the ways our barn animals live and what we do to take care of them.

A plant craft made by you to bring home for your garden or windowsill is always fun.

Run and play in our log barn and learn some games that children have played for years…and so much more too!

Grade 1 - Birds, Bees, Nests and the Rest  

Curriculum Links: Heritage and Identity, People and Environments, Understanding Life Systems, Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Understanding Earth and Space

Let's get a map of our 80 acre farm and discover for ourselves why our buildings are built for more than just looks.

Bees make the very best of homes, come and see why bees are so important to our everyday lives.

The Riley barn only needs 3 walls to stay strong and keep our animals safe and warm….how is that possible?

Grade 1 - Old MacDonald's Busy Farm  

Curriculum Links: Heritage and Identity, People and Environments, Understanding Life Systems, Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Shake, shake, shake…from milk to cream to butter, let's make butter together in our dairy barn.

A visit with Mrs. Lucas in her home will be where we can learn how we turn fleece into beautiful yarn for our warm winter clothes.

A farm craft to take home with you will be a highlight of the day!

Grade 2 - Horses, Chickens & Sheep  

Curriculum Links: Understanding Life Systems, Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Our orchard is alive with activity - let's discover who calls it home!

The farm animals live and grow together in so many ways - come and visit them in their home at the Riley Barn.

Yummy butter from cream…a visit to our dairy barn and some shaking on your part..it's that easy.

Grade 2 - Wagon's Ho  

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, People and the Environment

Simple machines brought together to make very complicated machines, let's figure this out for ourselves, in the John Deere Dealership.

Our Riley Barn is our farm animals' home, we will discover how many simple machines it takes to help the farmer keep them happy.

A little pressure from you and your class will go home with a farm food for your classroom.

Carriages are an old way to get around for sure, a visit to our Templin Building and you will see even more examples of simple machines.

Grade 3 - A New Life 

Curriculum Links: Heritage and Identity

The Blacksmith Shop is the setting for our discussion of how important this shop was and the role of the apprentice.

Our General Store is open for business and we will decide on cash or credit or even trade is accepted here.

1830 was the year the Cassin family came here from Ireland, we will trace their journey and their hard struggle to survive.

School in 1910 was an adventure in discipline from the moment the bell rang, please have a seat at your desk and see why.

Grade 4 - Healthy Habitats are Important 

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Understanding Life Systems

Without strong homes our animals wouldn't survive, we'll visit the different ways they live.

80 acres to explore and see for ourselves how humans have changed the landscape we call home.

Can't live with them, can't live without them - our animals need us as much as we need them..Let's see how.

Grade 4 - Push me Pull me 

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Let the machine do the work here at the farm, John Deere Dealership is the perfect place to see why.

The 1860's home shows how pulleys and gears make a home run smoothly too.

Farmers really do Feed Cities - other exhibits will demonstrate how integral simple machines are for getting food onto our plates.

Grade 5 - May the Force be with You 

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

One half of your day will be working in groups to design and build the strongest and most economical bridge you can, do you accept the challenge?

We build our farm to not only work but to last for generations, a tour through the site will show how homes almost 200 years old have stood the test of time.

Grade 6 - You Are What You Eat  

Curriculum Links: Understanding Life Systems, People and Environments

From squeak to tail our animals give us their all, we will discover that there is a link in almost everything we eat and use.

How far does your food travel to get to your plate, farther than you have travelled in your life? Let's see if you food is from the backyard or from the other side of the world.

Pesticides are a fact of life today, in our orchard we can explore their benefits and see if you agree or are on the bug's side?

A visit to see the farm animals, to see how we keep them healthy so we can stay healthy too.

Grade 7 - Anyway the Wind Blows 

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Windmills are over 1,000 years old and are even more important today.

As groups you will build a wood windmill in our wood shop, this is a 2m prefab kit that will start the discussion of form and function.

The remainder of the day will be seeing that especially on the farm, form and function are paramount.

To Book Your Special Field Trip

Contact our education department:
Phone: 905-878-8151
Toll-free: 1-888-307-3276

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