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Educational Programs

Field Trips in Halton Region

Curriculum-based, functional, hands-on, entertaining, educational – and fun. Isn’t that what school trips are all about, and it is what Country Heritage Park has to offer all grades and levels of the educational system – from kindergarten to university (and beyond). From bees, birds, chickens, and wagons, to the dirt on plants and reminding them that you are what you eat, we do it all with a flair for the historical. We break the mythology, mix in a dose of reality, and send home a well-seasoned advocate for future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Below are program summaries for students in kindergarten to grade 8:


Leave The Barn Door Open!

Come and experience a day on the farm: a visit with all our barn animals will be a highlight of the day. Bring home a plant craft for your own garden & so much more…
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Grade One

Birds, Bees, Nests, And The Rest

A walk through our 80 acres will demonstrate how our buildings are designed for our farm animals' specific needs and why the bee hive is always buzzing with activity…

Old McDonald's Busy Farm

Visit our Riley animal barn, make butter in the dairy building, larn how to keep our animals healthy and when we shear the fleece from the sheep…
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Grade Two

Horses And Chickens And Sheep…Oh My!

We will be tree detectives in our orchard, then in our barn we will visit our farm animals. fromc alf to cow, from cream to butter we will learn how to make it happen…

Wagons Ho!

Let’s get moving together by exploring pulleys and gears and how they help us not only on the farm but in our everyday life…
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Grade Three

What's The Dirt On Plants?

Our rural setting isthe perfect place to investigate plants from seed to flower and fruit. Investigate why soil is so important…

A New Life

Life in the 1800's was different than today! Experience some of the challenges new immigrants had to face and explore the important role…
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Grade Four

Healthy Habitats Are Important

Experience the sights and sounds as we walk our 80 acre site to see where everybody makes their home. From the fields to the barn…

Push Me, Pull Me

It takes a lot of energy to run a farm. The John Deere dealership shows how pulleys and gears really do help move things along. We will visit other parts of the farm…
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Grade Five

May The Force Be With You

Architects help shape our world, working in groups you will design a bridge with load and budget requirements. The rest of the day you will explore…
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Grade Six

You Are What You Eat

Learn firsthand how animals provide us with food, medicine, clothing, etc. We are only as strong as our weakest link, let’s analyze the food chain…
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Grade Seven

Anyway the Wind Blows

Designed to pump water, windmills were a familiar sight on the farm. Your challenge will be to work in groups to build a 2m windmill…
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Contact our education department by phone at 905-878-8151 or 1-888-307-3276 FREE, or email us at

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